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Please visit the 'policies' page to see the dress code and class rules.



Our children's classes follow a unique pace compared to our adult classes, although both utilize the same curriculum. However, we adopt a different approach when teaching these classes.
During your child's initial class with us, you can anticipate a structured sequence of activities. The session will commence with a group warm-up, after which your child will proceed to the aerial silks. Here, they will receive step-by-step guidance on level-appropriate maneuvers, accompanied by comprehensive explanations. Towards the end of the class, a few minutes will be allocated for free exploration, allowing children to engage with the fabrics in their own imaginative manner. This not only fosters creativity but also aids in developing spatial and body awareness.



We recognize that instructing adults requires a different approach compared to teaching children. In our adult classes, we prioritize catering to various strength levels, mobility abilities, and existing injuries. Our aim is to provide a supportive environment by offering a wide range of modifications to accommodate individual needs.

We understand that each adult progresses at their own unique pace. While one person may quickly grasp certain movements, others may require more patience and practice. When you join our classes for the first time, you will be guided through a group warm-up. This warm-up will focus on activating muscles, improving active flexibility, and preparing you to work at your own pace through our beginner curriculum.

We are committed to ensuring that your experience in our adult classes is tailored to your individual abilities and goals.

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