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As a former competitive gymnast and dancer, my journey naturally led me to become an aerialist. The combination of performing, teaching, and continuously acquiring new skills fills my life with profound fulfillment and joy. Without this passion of mine, life would feel incomplete.
I embarked on my journey as an aerialist in 2015, and since then, I've never looked back. My path as an aerialist, performer, and teacher has been marked by twists and turns, but each moment has contributed to my current state.
Over the course of nearly five years of teaching aerial silks, I've had the privilege of instructing individuals across all skill levels, fostering the development of national champions, choreographing various performances, and even establishing two aerial programs. It's been a rewarding journey helping individuals push their boundaries and explore their potential.

200 hr YT certified

10 years of gymnastics coaching experience

5 years of aerial coaching experience

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