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We cater to all levels - Beginners to Pre-Professional

What do we offer:

Click here to view our Summer Camp schedule!

One-time trial class for $29 for those who are new and curious about aerial arts!

2 classes for $44.

Class packages usually sold in packs of 5 - 6 classes per session. (Check our 'book a class' page)

Private lessons for those who do not prefer a group setting or would like more individualized attention.

Birthday parties for up to 8 children!

(email us for more information)

Aerial Performances and competitions.

We offer classes for children aged 7+

and Adults!

Columbia, Missouri


Apparatuses we currently offer:

Aerial Silks

Aerial Hammock

Aerial Rope (for those who have completed levels 1 - 4 on the silks)



How do I book a class? 

By visiting the 'book a class' page.

How do I see the schedule of the class? 

Once you're on the 'book a class' page, you will see when each class is held.

Where do I find pricing? 

On the 'book a class' page, you will see an array of classes. Click on the class you would like to take and it will show the pricing.

Are you beginner friendly?

Yes, we have multiple classes for beginners that are labeled as such.

Which class would a first-timer enroll in?

Any class labeled as 'beginner 1' or 'level one'.

Contact us


Mareck Center for Dance : 110 Orr St #102, Columbia, MO 65201


Elevate Gymnastics : 191 N Rangeline Rd, Columbia, MO 65201

All Children's classes are held at Elevate Gymnastics + Adult level 3

Adult level 1 and 2 are held at Mareck 



Tue - Sat : open for Afternoon and/or evening classes

Sat afternoon - Monday :


Do I need to be 'fit' or 'in shape' to try aerial? 

No. What does that even mean? If you want to try aerial, you should. Is aerial a full-body challenge? Will it build muscle? Will it challenge your endurance? Yeah.

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